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Pulse vous présentera les patients, les médecins, les chercheurs et les donateurs de L’Hôpital d’Ottawa. Vous entendrez comment, grâce à leur engagement, ils changent l’avenir de la médecine par de nouvelles découvertes, en élargissant les traitements et en améliorant l’expérience des patients.

Ce sont ces histoires qui montrent à quel point votre soutien est essentiel pour améliorer les soins aux patients et faire progresser la recherche à L’Hôpital d’Ottawa.

*Ce balado est offert en anglais seulement.

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28 avril 2021

Go behind the scenes to learn more about Dr. John Sinclair, the Director of Neurosurgical Oncology and the Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital.

You’ll learn about the innovative technology he’s worked to bring to Ottawa to provide better care for cancer patients. He also gives us a glimpse inside the OR, his dream for the future, and he’ll explain what his initial career plan was after he graduated from high school — it had nothing to do with medicine.

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14 avril 2021

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s, affecting at least 100,000 Canadians. Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are investigating this disease to learn more to help better care for patients and ultimately to find a cure. In this episode, you’ll hear how the power of philanthropy is helping.


  • Dr. Julianna Tomlinson, senior research associate
  • Kim Teron, co-chair of PIPR

31 mars 2021

Our hospital has played a significant leadership role in our region’s response to COVID-19.

One year into the pandemic, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital Cameron Love reflects on the challenges, the silver linings, and the signs of hope that are emerging.

17 mars 2021

Our hospital has played a significant leadership role in our region’s response to COVID-19.

One year into the pandemic, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital Cameron Love reflects on the challenges, the silver linings, and the signs of hope that are emerging.

3 mars 2021

Vanessa Large, Cindy McCambley, and Leah Mills share their stories from the frontlines of the pandemic. Hear their candid accounts about fears of the unknown, the long-haul exhaustion, and the pride of caring for their patients during these unprecedented times.

17 février 2021

The Ottawa Hospital saved Kimberly Mountain’s life after the discovery of a cancerous brain tumour. Today, she’s confident if the cancer comes back, The Ottawa Hospital will be ready to save her again. Hear Kimberly’s story.

3 février 2021

Bryde Fresque needed a skilled team and a complex surgery to come up with a diagnosis of pheochromocytoma – a rare tumour that left his future uncertain.


  • Bryde Fresque, patient
  • Dr. Carolyn Nessim, a surgical oncologist and clinician investigator at The Ottawa Hospital

20 jan. 2021

Bushra Saeed-Khan was just eight weeks into what was to be a year-long tour in Afghanistan in 2009 when her light armoured vehicle hit an IED. What followed was a long journey from trauma to healing.


  • Bushra Saeed-Khan
  • Dr. Nancy Dudek, Medical Director of the Amputee Program

6 jan. 2021

Take a glimpse inside the life of the people caring for patients at the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Centre. Dr. Maher Matar, a trauma surgeon, discusses the highly-skilled team that comes together each time trauma patients come through our doors.

23 dec. 2020

In 2020, our community rallied to support The Ottawa Hospital in an unprecedented way. Tim Kluke, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, reflects on how, together, our hospital and community took on COVID-19 and his message of thanks.

9 dec. 2020

It’s been ten months since COVID-19 arrived in our region. In this episode, we take you back to the frontlines to hear two different stories of care at The Ottawa Hospital.


  • Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, ICU and palliative care physician
  • Julie Renaud, Director, Cancer Care Program


25 nov. 2020

Fran Cosper shares his story of fierce determination after being diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome. It would be a healthcare team at the Rehabilitation Centre that would help him learn to walk again.


10 nov. 2020

Meet David Cook, the 2020 recipient of the Worton Researcher in Training Award. Find out how his love of music turned into a love for research.


28 oct. 2020

TSN 1200 sportscaster A.J. Jakubec had never heard of acute pancreatitis before December 2019. Today, he’s all too familiar with the illness, which can cause life-threatening complications, and is determined to show his gratitude to his hospital heroes who helped save him.


14 oct. 2020

Premature babies need extra oxygen and mechanical intervention to breathe but this can damage their lungs, causing chronic lung disease. A stem cell treatment soon to be tested in clinical trials at The Ottawa Hospital may help heal the lungs of our tiniest patients.

In this episode, you’ll meet Dr. Bernard Thébaud, a neonatologist and senior scientist at our hospital, and Jamie Eberts, a mother who holds out hope for what this could mean for the future, including for her own daughter.


30 sept. 2020

Cameron Love, the new President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital, discusses the future of healthcare in the region and the role philanthropy plays.


16 sept. 2020

The Ottawa Hospital was one of the few hospitals in Canada that could help Natasha Lewis when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016. It was a complex diagnosis and she turned to a world-class skull-based surgeon, Dr. Fahad Alkherayf for help.



2 sept. 2020

Over the past six months, our healthcare team has waded into uncharted territory. Meet two physician/researchers who are not only caring for patients during this global pandemic but also searching for answers to COVID-19 to help their patients as well as those around the world.

Dr. Rebecca Auer, surgical oncologist and Director of Cancer Research
Dr. Darine El-Chaâr, maternal-fetal medicine specialist

*Dr. Auer’s clinical trial will begin recruiting patients in mid-September.


19 août 2020

When Gina Mertikas-Lavictoire received the good news that she had gone from breast cancer patient to cancer survivor, she knew she wasn’t done with The Ottawa Hospital. Hear Gina’s story of giving back.

Gina is joined by her mother, Canadian artist Katerina Mertikas, and oncologist Dr. Mark Clemons makes a guest appearance.


5 août 2020

It’s about making every moment count when it comes to how Sindy Hooper lives her life. Sindy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013.

Listen to Sindy’s story, her message to cancer researchers, and her dedication to giving back to The Ottawa Hospital.


22 juillet 2020

June Jones lives a double life. During the day, she is busy enjoying time with her grandchildren, working in her garden, and life at the cottage. During the night, she sleeps hooked up to a dialysis machine.

8 juillet 2020

An ultrasound revealing twins was the first of many surprises experienced by Meagan Ann Gordon and her family throughout her pregnancy —including a prolonged hospitalization during the worst public-health crisis the world has seen in 100 years.


le 24 juin, 2020

Dr. Jack Kitts shares his message of thanks to community leaders and donors for their generosity during his time as President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital. You can hear the full-length interview with Dr. Kitts.


le 10 juin, 2020

In this episode, we learn about the key role patient clinical trials play in the advancements of research, including research currently underway investigating COVID-19.


le 27 mai, 2020

Go behind the scenes and hear what it’s like on one of the units at The Ottawa Hospital caring for COVID-19 patients.
Guest: Dr. Samantha Halman


le 13 mai, 2020

At a time when people are staying home to flatten the curve, they are looking for ways to do some good in the midst of a global pandemic—to feel like they are lending a helping hand.

In this episode, you can hear the stories behind just three of the people who are tapping into the good feeling of giving back and their message to our community.


le 28 avril, 2020

Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are contributing to the global fight against COVID-19.

This episode, Dr. Duncan Stewart, Executive Vice President, Research at The Ottawa Hospital describes how “research is moving at the speed of COVID-19” to find answers to this disease. He also discusses the impact COVID-19 is having on other research projects and how donor support is more important than ever.


le 16 avril, 2020

Your donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will be doubled up to $250,000 thanks to a matching gift from the Mierins Family Foundation.

Tune in to hear why Lisa Mierins and her family wanted to make this generous donation and rally the community.


le 9 avril, 2020

April is Parkinson’s awareness month. In this episode, you’ll hear how The Ottawa Hospital’s Dr. Michael Schlossmacher has spent much of his career trying to unlock the mystery of Parkinson’s.

Hear about the advancements in understanding Parkinson’s disease, how The Ottawa Hospital is a leader in neuroscience research and care, as well as how community support has lead the way.


le 3 avril, 2020

From retirement back to the frontlines of The Ottawa Hospital. Meet Robin Morash, Joselyn Banks and Jennifer Smylie, like many others, they didn’t think twice about stepping back into work to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

You can support our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund today. Donations will go towards urgent priorities to help patients and staff directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

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le 6 mars, 2020

At The Ottawa Hospital, women account for 77% of the workforce.

In this episode, to mark International Women’s Day, we talk about women in leadership roles with The Ottawa Hospital. You’ll meet the hospital’s first female Chief of Staff Dr. Virginia Roth and the Foundation’s Vice-President of Philanthropy Jennifer Van Noort.


18 février 2020

Meet Yvonne Wilson. She will become the first nurse to compete at The Ottawa Hospital’s Dancing with the Docs fundraising gala. This year it will be held on May 30 at the Hilton Lac Leamy. It’s one of the most anticipated nights of the year and funds support patient care and research at The Ottawa Hospital.


4 février 2020

When Marilyn Erdely was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer nine years ago, she was in her late twenties, and she never expected it to turn into a fight for her life.

21 janvier 2020

The Ottawa Hospital is a leader in bringing immunotherapy to patients and developing the next generation of treatment. You’ll hear about the transformational advancements in cancer care with oncologist, Dr. Michael Ong and patient, Dan Collins.


27 décembre 2019

Marcie Stevens was one of 13 severely injured patients who arrived at The Ottawa Hospital Trauma Centre after the Westboro bus crash. One year later, after losing both legs, Marcie continues her recovery at the Rehabilitation Centre and she’s grateful for the compassionate care she’s received.

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